We go the extra mile, to make sure that all your needs are taken care of. And it delights us when it pays off. We express our deepest gratitude to all the happy home buyers who have recommended us.

Listen to our satisfied customers as they share moments that touched their hearts at Peninsula Heights.

We wanted something that was a little boutique, not something that was very common… the design is very good, the material selection is also very good. The upmarket feel that comes through by the way of the details the developer has put into this project
-Mr.& Mrs. Siddharth Rajgarhia
(Promoter-Pride Housing)

The way they have allocated space in every house, like there is, the smallest house in the apartment, I think is how much, 3600 sq.ft., right now we live in a 3600 sq.ft. house, which is the biggest where we live in, so you see the difference…
-Mr. & Mrs. Varun Somani
(Director – Pacific Granites India Pvt. Ltd.)

Looking at the planning.. the planning is too good. The shape of the flat is actually very nice. The rectangular design will give you more space actually for everything than a square one, so we thought this was the ideal one.
-Mr. & Mrs. Venkatachalapathy / Mr. & Mrs. Suresh Babu
(Owners – Kandala Jewellers)

We saw many believe it there was no apartment with Vastu, and one big plus point we felt with Peninsula Heights was Vastu, and that gave us the first confidence that we can and we should live in Peninsula Heights.
-Mrs. Soumya Sanjjay / Mr. & Mrs. R Srinivas
(Owner – AVR Swarna Mahal)

Perhaps, this was the only project we saw that is very spacious in terms of the room size, living rooms and the balcony.
-Mr. & Mrs. Satisha Narahari

When we visited the property and dealt with the Peninsula Land executives, we experienced positivity.
-Mr. & Mrs. Shyamal Mehta

There, at Peninsula Heights, everything is accessible quickly, easily and that is the biggest USP.
-Mr. K V S Prakash

They say the most important things in your life, one is to get the right spouse, and another is to get the right apartment. It was very easy when we came to the location, saw who the builders were. We are going to stay in a villa in the sky.
-Mr. & Mrs. Santosh J. Bhurani
(Managing Director – Bhurani Real Estate)

We are in safe hands with Peninsula Land.
-Mr. & Mrs. Parag Gupta

The moment we came in, the positive aura was there. Located in an area buzzing with schools, colleges… malls and places of worship. Everything is there here. After all, it’s very luxurious, and life gets better when luxury meets comfort.
-Mr. & Mrs. Dinesh B.S.
(CA-B.S. Dinesh & Associates)

Please note: The images of the apartments/building/Project are purely artist's conception and not actual depiction of the Project. The images of the flat shown above are of a sample flat. We are offering for sale, un-furnished apartments and the add-ons, furniture and fixtures in the marketing materials will not form part of any contract/offer unless specifically incorporated in the Agreement for Sale. The terms and conditions of Sale shall be incorporated in the Agreement for Sale only. *Terms and Conditions Apply. Project has been funded by HDFC Ltd. Goodhome Realty Limited is a Joint Venture of Peninsula Land Limited through its wholly owned subsidiary. *Prices may vary without prior intimation/notice.

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